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Dinner Recipes For The Nigerian Family

I love a good meal. Maintaining your body’s levels and functions can be as simple as eating a nutritious and light dinner. Dinner is also crucial since your body requires nourishment after a long day of activity and endurance. In this article, we’ll be looking at sumptuous dinner recipes for you and your family. 

Nigeria is a country that has been blessed in many ways. It is not only Africa’s most populous country, but it also has abundant natural resources and wonderful Nigerian dishes for dinner, among other things. Good food, Maama. 

The sight of well-prepared and garnished Nigerian food sends your hunger hormones into overdrive until they are calmed down by the food your eyes have consumed.

Sumptuous has no greater definition than an ideal meal in Nigeria, from Hausas and Yorubas to Nigerian foods prepared by Igbo people and other tribes.

The whole country desires Nigerian meals, and the good news is that you can make a week’s worth of healthy dinners from these delectable recipes I’m going to share with you.

Dinner recipes for the nigerian family 

Some of the best dinner recipes for you and your family include:

Plantain Porridge 

When you need some vegetables but don’t want to have soup for dinner, plantain porridge is the way to go. It’s simple to prepare and high in vitamins, so you’ll be full for the rest of the evening. Plantain porridge could be made in a variety of ways and with a variety of vegetables or a combination of aromatic vegetables. There are only a few ingredients: unripe plantains, salt, onions, pepper, veggies (ugu or fragrance leaves), fish or meat, and seasoning to taste. Yummy!

Balangu Rice

If you’ve not tried Balangu Jollof, then you’re missing out. If your family can’t go a day without rice, here’s another option to incorporate rice into your supper menu that doesn’t use basic rice and stew. 

Balangu Jollof is a popular dish in the Northern part of the country. It should be cooked with any type of meat and is made extra smokey and delicious. Your meat is sautéed with onion and tomato paste, and then some common spices (thyme and yaji) are added; this combination is then mixed with white rice and simmered until done. For a change, the incredibly delectable Balangu makes a beautiful evening dish.

Spaghetti and Beef Stew 

This is a popular Nigerian dish that may be served in a variety of ways, depending on your mood. Spaghetti, often known as spaghetti, is a European dish that Nigerians have adapted and placed prominently on most restaurant and household menus.

Many people fall head over heels in love with Spaghetti, declaring their undying love while devouring it with beef stew. This is one of the quickest Nigerian meal recipes you’ll ever come across. When you boil the spaghetti and cook your stew, it comes to life. Spaghetti and Beef Stew is a delicious dish to try.

Fish and Yam Stew 

It’s also simple and quick to make. By the time the stew prepared from yam and fish is finished, hungry worms will not have grown trees in your stomach. All you’ll need for this supper is fish (of your choice), yam, vegetables (of your choice), and spices to whet your appetite for more.

Rice and stew garnished with vegetables 

This is your ideal dinner: yummy, nutritional, and healthful. It can be easily incorporated into any Nigerian meal schedule. After the rice has been cooked and steamed, the veggies (carrots, green peas, green pepper, and others) are sliced individually. Serve the white rice beside the stew, which should be garnished with meat and vegetables.

Semovita with varieties of soups 

Many Igbo families eat soup for dinner, hence this is a traditional Igbo dish. This supper is widely regarded as one of the best traditional national dinners. Bitterleaf soup (Ofe Onugbu), Gbegiri soup, Okra soup, Ogbono soup, Pepper soup, Oha Soup, and Ewedu soup are some of the soups eaten in Nigeria.

Pepper soup 

African pepper soup is a substantial African soup cooked with cutlets or chunks of goat meat, pepper soup spice, and other attractive ingredients. If you’re seeking a true Goat Meat Pepper Soup, go no further. This soup has large, bold African flavors that you’ll enjoy.

There’s nothing like a hot, steamy cup of pepper soup to warm you up. When the pepper soup includes shaki and kpomo, it’s even better!

On a Nigerian diet, it’s one of the greatest low-carb meals available.

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End notes 

I hope I’ve been able to inspire you with some delicious Nigerian dinner recipes.

Are you looking forward to having a fresh experience making and eating dinner?

Have a good time and always enjoy your dinner, preferably with a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice.

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