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If you watched the video, you would know that my name is Viv Obinna and I have been a Stay-At-Home Mom for over 14 years. I am also a certified John Maxwell Coach but even I have experienced the struggle of being a full-time housewife, just as you are currently going through. 

We Deal with the mental stress of being called lazy by people who know nothing about the effort we put in to keep our family together in love. Depending on your other half for all financial needs because you have no job. Trying to run a successful business from home with little or nothing to show for it.
All of this while trying to be the best mother in the world to you children. 
These are just a few of the challenges of all housewives or should I say Stay-At-Home Moms, except those who have discovered what you are about to learn.
I have been there and I have overcome. As you read this, With my AMumAndMore community, I have helped more than 1000 Stay-At-Home Moms get their lives back on the track of fulfilment.
Let me help you.
I carefully poured into this book, tricks and hacks that enable you to live your best life as a Stay-At-Home Mom anywhere in the world.

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  • Learn how to save for BIG purchases like vacations and experience the best of life with family
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  • Find easy-to-use strategies for social media profit generation
  • Learn about the easiest skills to acquire to boost your remote work employment opportunities
  • Get Top-Secrets to working like a youth and attract more business leads than you can imagine
the business side of a stay at home mom (SAHM)

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"Thank you so much, AMAM. The group is so educative and rally around all aspects of life especially how to succeed as a mum. Thank you for the massive show of love. God bless you immensely."

Alalade Dolapo

"A Mum & More Tribe have greatly inspired me in so many gives me motivation to keep being me and being a great mum...always ready to support when's a tribe where every mum ought to be part of...keep being fabulous #AMAM"

Oguegbe Precious

"A place to be. Mothers with the same like minds Ma'am Viv, a real gem with a vision to see every woman enjoys her marriage. Glad to be home"

Becky Olusegun

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